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To my Chess Friends:

I suppose every chess player who ever coded a single line of code has dreamed of writing a computer program to show chess games. My dream started before computers were available to ordinary persons. Finally I became rich enough to afford a computer. And then finally I learned to program. And then finally my dream was in reach.

ChessCat was many years in the making. Some years were due to my lack of skill. Some years were due to my laziness. And some years were due to my grandiose schemes. ChessCat as I dreamed it would not only play chess, it would wash your car too!

But, nothing in this world is quite so difficult as finishing a project, especially when it's your dream. So, I had to jettison the code that would wash your car and give up on ChessCat actually playing chess.

I hope you enjoy ChessCat and find it helpful.


Tony Essman

All bytes manufactured with premium quality electrons in Germany.