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[IMAGE: Thumbnail of monochrome board and Linares pieceset.]
Monochrome board and Linares pieceset
[IMAGE: Thumbnail of color board and Linares pieceset.]
Color board and Linares pieceset
[IMAGE: Thumbnail of position by analyzed by Crafty.]
Position being analyzed with Crafty
[IMAGE: Thumbnail of Show Pawns Only option.]
Show Pawns Only option
[IMAGE: Thumbnail of Hastings pieceset.]
Monochrome board and Hastings pieceset
[IMAGE: Thumbnail of Zurich pieceset.]
Monochrome board and Zurich pieceset
[IMAGE: Thumbnail of position adornments.]
Position adornments
[IMAGE: Thumbnail of various changes in preferences.]
Various Changes in Preferences
[IMAGE: Thumbnail of color / font properties.
Color / Font Properties
[IMAGE: Thumbnail of multiple games in cascade.
Multiple Open Games in Cascade
[IMAGE: Thumbnail of multiple games tiled.
Multiple Open Games Tiled

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