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Program: ChessCat
Version: 1.03     known bugs    version history
Platform: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
Disk Space: About 1.7 MB
Language: U.S. English
Installation Overview: The download is a WinZip self-extracting, executable file which unzips and executes the setup program. Run ccat103.exe to install. After program installation, you must install the included TrueType font to print chess diagrams. Font installation is a simple procedure, and complete instructions are included. No DLL's are installed. ChessCat registers itself for file type .pgn if, and only if, there is no existing registration for that file type. ChessCat Help is compiled HTML. Internet Explorer must be installed to access Help.

Note: ChessCat 1.03 installs to the same directory as ChessCat 1.00. If ChessCat 1.00 is currently installed, you should uninstall ChessCat 1.00 before installing ChessCat 1.03. Click here if you need instructions to uninstall ChessCat 1.00. You do not need to reinstall the TrueType font. Important: If you changed files eco.txt, nag.txt, or rsource.txt, and wish to preserve your changes, you should save the changed files prior to uninstalling or installing. Afterwards, copy the files back to the installation directory to restore your changes.

Download ChessCat 1.03

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